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Illustrated Description Of Russia - The End - Finis

Illustrated Description Of Russia - The End - Finis
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The period to which we have now arrived in our historic summary presents an appropriate place at which to close it. We have given the history and the leading incidents in field and cabinet of the contest in which Russia is unfortunately involved with Turkey, France, and England, down to the period (April, 1854) when, all hope of reconciliation past, the several parties have formally signified their determination to leave its decision to the God of battles. Of the occurrences since that period—of the movements of the Euxine and Baltic fleets—the crossing the Danube and occupation of the Dobruschka by the Russians—their repeated and desperate attacks on Silistria—their repulse and retreat across the Danube—their final evacuation of the principalities and the reoccupation of them by the troops of Austria—the vacillating if not treacherous course of the Austrian and Prussian governments—the events in the Caucasus,—while none of them have been of sufficient import ance to materially change the aspect of the war, their details, obtained, as they necessarily must be, only through interested mediums, are as yet too conflicting and unreliable to be suitable for permanent record. They are of so recent a date, however, that (reliable as they may be) they are undoubtedly familiar to all who feel an interest in the progress of the great struggle, through the medium of the newspaper press.

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