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Paul I.

Paul I.
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Catherine II. was succeeded by her son, the grand-duke Paul, by Peter III., who ascended the throne under the title of Paul I. This prince had attained his forty-second year before the death of his mother placed him on the imperial throne. For many years he had lived in a state of retirement, and had apparently been considered by the empress as incapable of taking any active part in the administration of affairs. It is well known that Catherine never admitted him to any participation of power, and even kept him in complete ignorance of the affairs of the empire. On the day following the death of his mother, however, Paul 'made his public entry, into St. Petersburg, amid the acclamations of all ranks of the people.

At his coronation, Paul decreed a law of hereditary succession to the crown in the male line, and afterward in the female, instead of leaving it to the caprice of the reigning sovereign. One of the first measures of the new emperor was that of ordering the remains of his father, Peter III., to be removed from the sepulchre in which they had been deposited in the church of St. Alexander Nevski; which, after having laid in state for three weeks, were interred in the sepulchre of Catherine II., in the cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul. He also, with strong marks of admiration and friendship, liberated Kosciusko from the prison wherein he had languished in St. Petersburg since his defeat and capture in 1794.

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