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Field-Marshal Suwarrow

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Field-Marshal Suwarrow.

Field-Marshal Suwarrow.
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Prince Alexander Suwarrow (or Suvaroff), a celebrated Russian field-marshal, whose portrait is presented on the opposite page, was bom in 1730, at Suskoi, in the Ukraine — as some accounts say, of Polish parentage — and was educated at the cadet-school of St. Petersburg. He distinguished himself against the Prussians during the Seven Years' War, in which he attained the rank of colonel; in Poland, in 1768, against the confederates ; in 1773, against the Turks; and in 1782, against the Nogai Tartars. For these services he was rewarded with the rank of general-in-chief, the government of the Crimea, the portrait of the empress set in diamonds, and several Russian orders. In the war against the Turks, from 1787 to 1790, he gained the battle of Rymnik, took Ismail by storm (as alluded to above), putting twenty thousand men to the sword, and gained other important advantages.

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