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The Empress Elizabeth, Daughter of Peter the Great

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The Empress Elizabeth.

The Empress Elizabeth.
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Elizabeth now began to take an active part in the politics of Europe. The death of Charles VI., emperor of Germany, had left his daughter Maria Theresa, queen of Hungary, at the mercy of the enterprising king of Prussia, Frederick the Great (who immediately began the " Seven Years' War" by seizing the province of Silesia from the house of Austria), until a formidable party, more from jealousy at that monarch's military fame, than regard to the interests of an injured princess, was formed in her behalf. Frederick, whose sarcastic wit spared no one, having satirized in some verses Madame de Pompadour, the powerful and vindictive mistress of Louis XV., the French monarch at once espoused the cause of Austria; and it is remarkable that, from a like trivial cause, the Prussian king brought upon himself the vengeance of Elizabeth.

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