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Cottage where Peter the Great lived while in Holland

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Residence of Peter the Great in Holland.

Residence of Peter the Great in Holland.
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Alexis died in 1676, and was succeeded by his son Feodor III., who died young, in 1682. During the short period allotted him for the exercise of power, he evinced every disposition to carry out his father's plans. He directed his attention to the improvement of the laws, and rendered justice accessible to all, and, in the words of a Russian historian, " lived the joy and delight of his people, and died amid their sighs and tears. On the day of his death, Moscow was in the same distress that Rome was on the death of Titus." The sovereignty of the Cossacks was secured to Russia in this reign. Feodor left no children, and was succeeded by his half-brother Peter, whom, some accounts say, was named by him as his successor.

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