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The Drosky

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The Drosky.

The Drosky.
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In Southern Russia the drosky has a back and the driver sits on a seat in front, at a more agreeable distance from his fare. On a good road, and with three horses attached to it, which are always placed abreast, the pace is grand and the motion very easy; the wheels are small, and the body, which is hung on C-springs, is very low. This vehicle is driven with one, two, or three horses ; in either case one is in the shafts, to which a light piece of wood is attached, forming an arch over his head ; the traces draw from the nave of the wheel; the bridle and other parts of the harness are ornamented with small bits of brass or silver. If two horses are driven, the second is always placed on the near side, his head drawn a little down and outward by a rein attached to it for the purpose; he is trained to canter and show himself off, while the other does nearly all the work at a rapid trot. When there are three horses, the one on the off-side is also harnessed with his head downward, and capers in t he sam e way. A drosky well turned out in this manner, is by far the prettiest equipage of the three, and when going at speed, which is the usual pace, the horses have the effect of those in an ancient car. Droskies ply in all the large towns.

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