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The Post-Telega

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The Post-Telega.

The Post-Telega.
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Another form of Russian travelling-carriage is the post-telega, which is a small open wagon without springs, but strongly constructed, so as to withstand the roads and no roads of the country. To journey in this vehicle, one must be a native, for the jolting is annihilating, and to prove what the concussions must be, the Russian officers put straw at the bottom of it, and not unfrequently a bed upon that; in these machines they get over the ground at an amazing pace. Gathering up his six or eight reins, for there are two to each horse, and grasping his short severe whip, the yamstchik leaves the posthouse at a furious gallop, and keeping the horses at this pace nearly the whole stage, not unfrequently returns to his station with one less than he set out with. When the emperor's carriage breaks down, which is not an unusual occurrence in his rapid journeys, he is sometimes obliged to proceed in one of these rude conveyances. The kibitka is an improvement on the telega, havi ng a h ood and apron, so that there is more protection from the weather.

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