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Hyacinth Bitchourin, Oriental Linguist

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Hyacinth Bitchourin, Oriental Linguist.

Hyacinth Bitchourin, Oriental Linguist.
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Hyacinth Bitchourin, the priest, whose portrait is given at the head of this chapter, and others, still continue their useful researches among the wild Mongols and Thibetians. The government has lately caused to be written, the " History of the Commerce with Persia and Turkey," by the councillor-of-state, Yon Hagemeister, the same who paid a scientific visit to the great London exhibition of 1851. And Chaudoir, encouraged by the same patronage, wrote his celebrated " Numismatics of China, Corea, and. Japan." Both these works are published at the same time in the Russian and French languages.

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Sears, Robert. An Illustrated Description of the Russian Empire. New York: Robert Sears, 1855