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Costumes of the Greek Church - Bishop and Priest

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Costumes of the Greek Church- Bishop and Priest.

Costumes of the Greek Church - Bishop and Priest.
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The liturgy and ceremonies claim to be strictly conformed to those used in the earliest times of Christianity. The mass consists in the offering or sacrifice, the reading of the gospel, the epistles, the recital of the Lord's prayer, the Nicene creed, and other prayers aloud with the congregation, as was practised by Chrysostom and other primitive fathers. Preaching is considered as a secondary matter. No instrumental music whatever, but only choral singing, is used in the churches, and no stools, chairs, or benches, are allowed. Paintings are admitted, but no sculptures of stone, metal, or wood. The professed aim is to adhere exclusively to the authority of the gospels, and to the traditions transmitted by the apostles to their successors. Thus the authority of the fathers of the church is recognised so far as it is confirmed by the (Ecumenic councils. " The Russian clergy are divided into two classes, the " white" or secular clergy, and the " black" or cloistered clergy.

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