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Russian Peasant and his Family

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Russian Peasant and his Family.

Russian Peasant and his Family.
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The free peasantry in Russia enjoy some rights and privileges, rendering their position by far more supportable than that of the private serfs. It has been already shown that a free peasant can freely engage in any mercantile, manufacturing, mechanical, or other industrial pursuit, and establish his domicil in any city of the empire, if he possesses a permission of his commune, which permission can no wise be refused as long as the individual pays the obrok and the taxes in the commune to which he belongs, and fulfils through any hand all other communal duties. Provided with such a permission or certificate, the movements and actions of a peasant are perfectly free. He can make proposals for all kinds of public jobs contracted with the government. In such cases, other contractors are obliged to give securities; but a crown-peasant presents only the authorization of his commune. He can enter into the class of burghers by abandoning his commune with its consent, passing thus into what is conside red a higher social corporation.

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