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Regular Troops of Russia

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Regular Troops of Russia.

Regular Troops of Russia.
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Some idea of the appearance of the finest regiments of the regular troops may be drawn from the accompanying engraving, in which figure 1 represents a grenadier of the imperial guard ; 2, a chasseur of the guard; 3, a fifer of the guard ; 4, a grenadier of the horse-guard ; 5, a cuirassier; and 6, a hussar. In the more select regiments, the men and horses are classified in the most minute manner as to resemblance. In one cavalry regiment the horses are all black, in another they are all bay, &c. The men are arranged according to the color of their hair or beard, or of their eyes, and also the general shape of their features : so that in one regiment all have aquiline noses, and black eyes and beards ; and in another all have pug-noses, blue eyes, and red oeards—which latter class, by-the-way, describes the physiognomy and complexion of the genuine Muscovite.

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