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Palace of Catherinenhoff

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Palace of Catherinenhoff, St. Petersburg.

Palace of Catherinenhoff, St. Petersburg.
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On that day all St. Petersburg is in motion: the poor on foot, the young exquisites on horseback, the ladies in their carriages—all flock to Catherinenhoff, to hail the coming of the fine season, even though it be held expedient, as it generally is, to go well wrapped up in bearskins. Here may be seen half the magnificoes of the empire moving slowly past in their carriages-and-four; the senators, the star-covered generals, the reverend bishops and metropolitans, the bearded merchants, and the "foreign guests" — a spectacle of which, often as it is repeated, a St. Petersburger is never weary. The carriages move after a certain prescribed plan the whole day long, like horses in a mill. It is no less singular than true, that all the gay world throughout Russia are moving about their many thousand towns, at the same pace, on the same day. The emperor, whose presence crowns the festival, is generally on horseback, with the princes and a brilliant staff. His arrival i s looked for as if he were the representative of the spring; and when he has passed by, the throng drop off one after the other, and go home again, as if the sun himself had disappeared.

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