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Cake and Tea Stall

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Cake and Tea Stall.

Cake and Tea Stall.
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The pastry-cooks have likewise their quarter in this market, where they vend the oily fish pirogas, of which the bearded Russians are so passionately fond. Here little benches are ranged around the table on which are placed the dainty delicacies, covered with oily pieces of canvass (for the piroga, to be properly enjoyed, must be eaten warm). A large pot of green oil on a salt-stand of no ordinary size are the indispensable accompaniments to the feast. Pass one of these shops, and throw an accidental glance at his wares, and the merchant will be sure to anticipate your desires : quickly he will plunge his tempting cake into the oil-pot, scatter a pineh of salt upon the dripping mass, and present it to you with the air of a prince ! The sheepskinned, bearded Muscovite will rarely be able to resist the temptation: he will seat himself on one of the benches, and one rich, savory piroga after the other will wend its way down his throat, till his long and well-anointed beard becomes a s brig ht and glossy as a piece of highly-polished horsehair!

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Sears, Robert. An Illustrated Description of the Russian Empire. New York: Robert Sears, 1855