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The Gostinoi Dvor, during Easter

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The Gostinoi Dvor, at St. Petersburg, during Easter.

The Gostinoi Dvor, at St. Petersburg, during Easter.
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There is, in most Russian cities of importance, and generally in a central position, a Gostinoi Dvor, or bazar, where all the more important articled of commerce are collected for sale. It is generally a large building, consisting of a ground-floor and an upper floor. The upper floor is commonly reserved for wholesale dealings ; the ground-floor consists of a multitude of booths or shops in which the various descriptions of merchandise are sold by retail. The dwellings of the merchants are away from these markets; and, when the business-hours are at an end, each tradesman locks up his own stall, and the whole building is committed for the night to the guardianship of the watchmen and their dogs.

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