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Cathedral of the Assumption, Moscow

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Cathedral of the Assumption, Moscow

Cathedral of the Assumption, Moscow
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It is sufficient to say, therefore, that the buildings in Moscow destined for Divine service are almost countless, but the quintessence and holiest of them all, in the eyes of the Russians, is on the height of the kremlin. This consecrated spot, the Sabornoi Ploschad (Cathedral place), has been surrounded by the emperor Nicholas with a lofty and magnificent iron grating, and contains the Uspenski Sabor (cathedral of the Assumption), the Arkhangelskoi Sabor (church of the Archangel Michael), and our Lady of the Cave. It is hard to say which is the most important, but perhaps the preference belongs to the Uspenskoi Sabor, as the emperors are crowned in it, and the patriarch of the Greek church formerly officiated here.

The cathedral of the Assumption was founded in 1325, and rebuilt in 1472. Here are the tombs of the patriarchs of the Greek church, one of whom, St. Philip, and honored by a silver monument, dared to say to Ivan the Terrible, " We respect you as an image of the Divinity, but as a man you partake of the dust of the earth!" The most notable object of the whole collection, however, is the golden shrine of the patriarch Nicon, in the sacristry, whose mouldering skeleton is here preserved, together with his wooden spoon. When he held the crosier, it was mightier than the sceptre in Russia, for he governed the indolent prince Alexis-Michaelovich (fajher of Peter the Great) ; but a conspiracy of the nobles drove him from power to the Bielosersk convent, where he had begun his career as a priest.

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