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Summer-House in Kamtschatka

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Summer-House in Kamtschatka

Summer-House in Kamtschatka
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The summer-house is of a more singular construction, A number of posts, placed at regular distances from each other, and, serving as pillars, raise it to the height of ten to thirteen feet from the ground. These posts support a platform, made of rafters, and covered over with clay, which serves as the floor, whence the house ascends from five to eight feet, the roof covered with thatch or dried grass. This apartment composes the whole habitation, and here all the family eat and sleep. There are several summer-houses to one winter-house, and the inhabitants pass on a plank from one to the other. The object of this singular construction is to have a space sheltered from the sun and rain, yet open to the air, in which their fish may be hung up and dried. It is afforded by the rude colonnade which supports these structures, to the posts and ceiling of which the fish are attached.

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Sears, Robert. An Illustrated Description of the Russian Empire. New York: Robert Sears, 1855