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Peasant Attacked by a Bear

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Peasant attacked by a Bear

Peasant attacked by a Bear
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The greater part of the government having a northern exposure, the climate is more severe than usual under the same latitude, and in winter mercury often freezes. The summer is of short duration, though very warm; the air generally clear and serene. A great part of the surface is occupied by forests, which furnish excellent timber, and abound with all kinds of game. Bears are numerous, many of whom, during the severe winter of 1821, impelled by hunger, made their appearance in the immediate vicinity of Irkoutsk. One was killed within a peasant's cottage, and two in the very streets of the town. They were so emaciated, that the skins were of no value.

A singular accident took place in the summer of the year above named. A peasant who resided at about four miles from the town, had a dancing-bear, which was considered so tame, that he had been exhibiting it, on the day in question, within the house of the commandant of Irkoutsk, for the amusement of the children. On their return home, Mr. Bruin becoming stubborn, and refusing to travel as fast as his master wished him, the latter proceeded to beat him; when the infuriated animal turned round, seized upon him, and literally crushed him to a mummy!

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