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Egyptian Locust

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Egyptian Locust

Egyptian Locust
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The locusts of southern Russia are divided into two species: the Russaki, or Russians (Gryllus migratorius), which are about an inch and a half, and the Saranni (Gryllus vastator), which are about two inches long. Both are equally voracious and equally dreaded, and both are equally produced from eggs deposited in the earth in August and September, by means of a piercing-tube or oviduct with which the female is provided. The animal does not, however, bore merely with its piercer, but thrusts its whole body into the ground, in order that the eggs may be deposited as deeply as possible. There the eggs continue through the autumn and winter, and it is not till the end of April or the beginning of May that the young locusts begin to creep out of their holes.

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