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Cave of Foul Kouba

Cave of Foul Kouba
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"Whatever may have been their origin, they were the cause of incessant annqyance to us as we wound round them — the rocks becoming so sharp and jagged, that we were obliged to lead our horses a great part of the way. At last we descended into one, and the guides pointed to a small under a rock, into which we were expected to crawl, telling us it was the entrance to the cave of Foul Kouba, a view of which is presented on the following page! Armed with a tallow-candle, I forthwith crept into the hole, scrambling on hands and knees amid a quantity of human skulls and bones, which rattled dismally as, one after another, we crawled among them. For twenty or thirty yards we thus proceeded, occasionally obliged to lie down perfectly flat upon the wet mud and bones, and burrow our way along — a mode of entry which reminded me of an unpleasant experience I once endured in descending into an Egyptian mummy-pit.

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Sears, Robert. An Illustrated Description of the Russian Empire. New York: Robert Sears, 1855