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Inkerman, the "Town of Caverns"

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Inkerman, the "Town of Caverns."

Inkerman, the "Town of Caverns."
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Inkerman, the "Town of Caverns," lies near Sevastapol. The curiosities of this locality consist in the remains which exist there to tell of races long since departed. The precipitous cliffs, between which flow the Tchernoi Retcka, are honeycombed with cells and chapels. The origin of these singular caves is uncertain; but they are supposed to have been excavated by monks during the reigns of the Greek emperors of Constantinople in the middle or later ages. When the Arians who inhabited the Chersonesus were persecuted by the Greek church, then predominant, the members of that sect took refuge in these singular dwellings, whose lofty and inaccessible position rendered them to a certain degree secure. The largest chapel, which presents all the characteristics of Byzantine architecture, is about twenty-four feet long by twelve broad. Sarcophagi, usually quite empty, have been found in many of the cells*; these latter are often connected with each other, and are approached by stairs cut in the l iving rock.

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