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Church of the Holy Women at Nijnei-Novgorod

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Church of the Holy Women, at Nijnei-Novgorod

Church of the Holy Women, at Nijnei-Novgorod
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Nijnei-Novgorod has various manufactures, but it owes its great importance almost entirely to its commerce. It is the grand entrepot for the trade of the interior of the empire, and has, in fact, a greater command of internavigation than any other city of the Old World. Besides the grain, cattle, and other products of the surrounding country, the Kama, the principal affluent of the Volga, conveys to Nijnei the salt of Perm; the gold, silver, copper, and other metallic treasures, of the Ural mountains; the furs, &c., of Siberia; and even the teas of China. The silks, shawls, and other merchandise of central Asia, and the fish, caviar, &c., of southern Russia, come up the river from Astrakhan; while the manufactured goods of England and western Europe, the wines of France, the cotton of the United States, and the sugar of Brazil, are conveyed to her from St. Petersburg and Archangel, with both of which, as well as with Moscow, she is connected by navigable rivers and canals.

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