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Posthouse on the Route from Kostroma to Yaroslav

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Post-House on the Route from Kostroma to Yaroslav

Post-House on the Route from Kostroma to Yaroslav
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The city of Kostroma, the capital of the above government, is located on the Volga, at the confluence of the Kostroma with that river, two hundred miles northeast of Moscow. The population of the city is rising twelve thousand. It is of great antiquity, having been built in the twelfth century, and, as is usual with old Russian towns, is surrounded by a rampart of earth, of which advantage has been taken to form a promenade. Its situation is elevated and agreeable, and, being the seat of both the civil and military government of the district, it contains a great number of public buildings, which, together with most of the dwellings, are constructed of stone. It has fifty churches, a monastery, an ecclesiastical college, a gymnasium, and a large stone building, or bazar, for the security, exhibition, and sale of merchandise. Its manufactures, among which that of Russia leather has long been famous (and including also those of linen, Prussian blue, soap, and tallow, a bell-foundry, &c), make Kostro ma one of the most important towns on the Yolga. Several fairs are held here, which are numerously attended by the merchants and country-people.

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