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Monastery of the Annunciation at Novgorod

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Monastery of the Annunciation, at Novgorod

Monastery of the Annunciation, at Novgorod
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Novgorod is the seat of a military governor, whose authority extends over the adjacent government of Tver. It has a few manufactures of sailcloth, leather, and vinegar, and some trade in grain. Though not the original capital of Rurik, it became the seat of the Russian government in 864. In the beginning of the eleventh century, the inhabitants obtained considerable privileges, that laid the foundation of their liberty and prosperity ; and as the city and its contiguous territory increased in population and wealth, they gradually usurped an almost absolute independency: so that, in effect, Novgorod, in the middle ages, should rather be considered a republic, under the jurisdiction of an elective magistrate, than a state subject to a regular line of hereditary monarchs.

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