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Shore Laplander & Mountain Laplanders

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1. Shore Laplander. 2, 3. Mountain Laplanders

1. Shore Laplander. 2, 3. Mountain Laplanders
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The Laplanders are not deficient in either intellectual or moral capacity. They are simple-hearted, hospitable, and apparently inclined, as far as their knowledge goes, to practise the duties of Christianity, which they all profess, under the form of Lutheranism in Norway and Sweden, and that of the Greek church in Russia. The greatest exception to this practice is-an excessive fondness for ardent spirits. A more harmless vice is the excessive use of tobacco. The number of Laplanders in Russia, Sweden, and Norway, is not supposed to exceed twenty thousand of all descriptions. Probably one third of them are nomadic.

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Sears, Robert. An Illustrated Description of the Russian Empire. New York: Robert Sears, 1855