Illustrated Description Of Russia


table of contents

  1. Ice-Mountains at St. Petersburg during Easter
  2. Ornamental Title with Illustrative Vignettes — 1. Peter the Great working in a Shipyard in Holland ; 2. The Building of St. Petersburg; 3. Coronation of Catherine II.; 4. Assassination of the Emperor Paul; 5. Napoleon in Russia; 6. The Burning of Moscow ; 7. The Battle of Navarino.
  3. Hunting-Scene in Russia (Initial Letter)
  4. Map of European Russia (opposite)
  5. Winter Scene in Russia (Vignette)
  6. Altai Mountains — Peaks of Chenune-Ouzoune, Katunya, and Arrhite
  7. Mouths of the Dwina
  8. Mouths of the Danube
  9. Mouths of the Volga
  10. Horse-Boat, with Barges, on the Volga
  11. Russian Pilots
  12. Russian Elk and Bears
  13. Peasants of Finland
  14. River and Town of Tornea, in Finland
  15. Kronstadt, the Port of St. Petersburg
  16. Woman of Esthonia abandoning her Children to the Wolves
  17. Preparing for the Chase
  18. Elk-Hunting in Courland — "In at the Death"
  19. Gipsy Woman and Child
  20. Courland Jew with Dulcimer
  21. Frozen Lake and Mountain Scenery in Lapland
  22. Shore Laplander
  23. Mountain Laplanders
  24. The Chase — a Winter Scene
  25. Monastery of the Annunciation at Novgorod
  26. Posthouse on the Route from Kostroma to Yaroslav
  27. Church of the Holy Women at Nijnei-Novgorod
  28. Chinese Quarter of the Great Fair at Nijnei-Novgorod
  29. Summary Punishment of a Mujik by a Cossack at Nijnei-Novgorod
  30. A Tartar Wagon
  31. Obelisk at Poltava in Commemoration of the Defeat of Charles XII. of Sweden by Peter the Great
  32. Volhynian Peasant-Girl engaged in Spinning
  33. Russian Village — Party of Hunters
  34. Polish Bison (Urus), or Lithuanian Wild-Bull
  35. Polish Jew at his Devotions
  36. Polish Exiles on their Way to Siberia
  37. The Krakow Cathedral
  38. Map of Odessa
  39. City and Harbor of Odessa
  40. The Boulevard at Odessa
  41. Cossacks of the Don
  42. Krepost, or Cossack Post, on the Circassian Frontier
  43. Cossack Girl of Tcherkask
  44. Crim Tartars
  45. Map of Sevastapol
  46. City and Harbor of Sevastapol
  47. Inkerman, the "Town ofCaverns"
  48. Camel Cart
  49. Cave of Foul Kouba
  50. Tartar Whip
  51. Palace of the Khans
  52. Tartar Village
  53. Tartar Guide
  54. Mausoleum of the Khans
  55. Jewish Fortress of Tchoufut Kale
  56. Mangoup Kale
  57. Novel Method of Shoeing a Bullock
  58. Winter-Travelling on the Steppes — Sledges
  59. Summer-Travelling on the Steppes — A Tarantasse
  60. Bird-Hunting on the Steppes
  61. Invasion of the Steppes of Southern Russia by Locusts
  62. Egyptian Locust
  63. Itinerant Horse-Dealer
  64. Hunters Encamped on the Steppe
  65. City of Astrakhan
  66. Calmucks
  67. Astrakhan from the Sea
  68. Sheep from the Steppes of the Caspian
  69. View on the Volga at Simbirsk — The Jigoulee
  70. Chuvasses of Kazan
  71. Leather Gloves and Wooden Spoon of Kazan Manufacture
  72. Interior of a Tartar House
  73. City of Kazan before the Conflagration of 1842
  74. The Kremlin of Kazan
  75. Cathedral of Nikolskoi, at Kazan
  76. Tartar Mosque near Kazan
  77. Types of Caucasian Races
  78. Georgians ofthe Heights of Teflis
  79. Teflis, the Capital of Georgia
  80. Ararat, from the Plain of Erivan
  81. Patriarchal Church and Monastery of Echmiadzin
  82. An Imeritian Prince, in War Costume
  83. A Mingrelian Prince, in War Costume
  84. Circassians
  85. Circassian Females
  86. Interior of a Circassian Armor Manufactory
  87. Party of Caucasian Warriors descending the Mountains on a Predatory Excursion
  88. Map of Siberia, or Asiatic Russia
  89. Kirghiz Merchant in his Tent
  90. Tobolsk, the Capital of Western Siberia
  91. Peasant Attacked by a Bear
  92. Yakoutsk
  93. Kamtschatdales
  94. Summer-House in Kamtschatka
  95. Map of Moscow
  96. General View of the Kremlin, Moscow
  97. Cathedral of the Assumption, Moscow
  98. The "Monarch Bell" of Moscow
  99. Cathedral of St. Basil, Moscow

     Views in St. Petersburg:
  100. Inundation of St. Petersburg in 1824
  101. Cast-Iron Bridge across the Neva
  102. Map of St Petersburg
  103. Nevskoi Prospect
  104. The Neva in Winter
  105. Sweeping the Streets, a Punishment for Drunkenness
  106. Nevskoi Prospekt (Second View)
  107. The Winter Palace — Residence of the Imperial Family
  108. Hotel de l'Etat Major, with the Alexandrian Column
  109. Old Michailoff Palace, now the School of Engineers
  110. St. Isaac Square
  111. The Bourse
  112. Equestrian Statue of Peter the Great, Admiralty Square
  113. Office, Hotel des Malle-Postes
  114. The Kazan Cathedral — the Metropolitan Church of St. Petersburg
  115. Church of St. Isaac
  116. Spire of St. Peter and St Paul
  117. Monastery of St. Sergius, Environs of St. Petersburg
  118. Saloon, Hotel des Malle-Postes
  119. The Gostinoi Dvor, during Easter
  120. A Somovar, or Russian Tea-Urn
  121. Cake and Tea Stall
  122. Frozen Provision Market
  123. Palace of Catherinenhoff
  124. Nurse, with Children, in the Summer Garden
  125. Noble's Villa on the Island of Kammenoi
  126. Imperial Palace of Czarsko Selo
  127. Fete of the Emperor at Peterhoff — The Polonaise
  128. Monplaisir, Favorite Residence of Peter the Great, at Peterhoff

  129. Battle-Scene (Initial Letter)
  130. Punishment of the Knout
  131. Exiles on their Way to Siberia
  132. Regular Troops of Russia
  133. Irregular Troops of Russia
  134. Russian Silver-Rouble
  135. Summer Villa of a Russian Noble — Residence of the Kara .... Family at Tambov
  136. A Russian Merchant
  137. The Bourgeoisie — A Russian Picnic
  138. Russian Peasant and his Family
  139. Russian Peasants Building a Cottage
  140. Monk of the Greek Church
  141. Philarete, Metropolitan of St. Petersburg
  142. Bishop of the Greek Church
  143. Priest or Pope of the Greek Church
  144. Deacon of the Greek Church
  145. Sub-Deacon of the Greek Church
  146. Nun of the Greek Church
  147. Russians at Prayer
  148. A Russian Carousal during Easter
  149. Interior of a Russian Church — The Assumption at Moscow
  150. Easter-Kisses
  151. The Emperor giving the Cadets the Easter-Kiss
  152. Hyacinth Bitchourin, Oriental Linguist
  153. The Bolshoi, or Great Theatre of St. Petersburg
  154. Winter Travelling — Sledges
  155. Departure of the Malle-Poste (Mail Diligence) from St. Petersburg
  156. The Post-Telega
  157. The Drosky
  158. Ivoshtshiks
  159. Varagians — Costumes of the Time of Rurik
  160. Ivan IV. the Terrible
  161. Michael Romanoff
  162. Cottage where Peter the Great lived while in Holland
  163. Peter the Great
  164. The Empress Catherine I
  165. The Empress Elizabeth, Daughter of Peter the Great
  166. The Empress Catherine II
  167. Field-Marshal Suwarrow
  168. Paul I
  169. Alexander I
  170. Napoleon witnessing the Burning of Moscow from the Kremlin
  171. Nicholas I
  172. Cenotaph at Czarsko-Selo
  173. " Finis " (Vignette)

Sears, Robert. An Illustrated Description of the Russian Empire. New York: Robert Sears, 1855

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